Bring Luck, How To Choose Home Interior Paint According To Feng Shui

Choosing interior paint colors can not be arbitrary. In addition to the color that must be adjusted to the furniture and decoration elements you use, the color of the house interior paint must also be able to provide a positive atmosphere in the room. The problem is, what kind of paint color can make the room feel more positive? Take a peek at the recommendations from woodstock painters, let’s go local house painting services.

The flow of positive energy in a room facing east can be brought from the use of colors that represent wood elements. Therefore, the interior paint colors that you can apply in this room are green, brown, and their derivatives. This interior paint color symbolizes fertility and safety so it would be better applied to the dining room, living room interior, or as a complement to children’s room design. Energy circulation will also flow better if you get adequate natural lighting. The wood element is still a natural element that brings positive energy to this area. You should maintain the use of brown and green colors as your choice of interior paint colors. The room facing southwest is believed to be the money area or lucky room in the financial sector. Therefore, choose a house paint color that has a golden hue to reinforce that energy.

Incorporate neutral colors into the room that leads to the west. For this area, you should use interior paint colors that come from metal Fengshui elements such as gray, white, and metallic. If you choose gray as the main color, you can express other metal colors through room decor or finishing your favorite furniture. This house interior paint color is believed to be able to maintain your concentration at work, so the room in this area should be used as a workspace or study area. Bring a romantic pink tone to the room facing the southwest. In this area, two natural elements can bring positive energy into the room, namely the colors that represent the fire element and the earth element.