Promotion Strategies From Kibo Code That Suitable For Targeting The Millennial Generation

The times that are significant have a very significant effect on consumer interest in buying a product. Generational changes that are fairly fast also shift consumer behavior. The average consumer that currently exists comes from the millennial generation. However, in order to get their attention and trust, marketers must be able to carry out the right business promotion strategy. From the kibo code quantum review, you can see that by using the e-commerce method from the kibo code you can find out how the market is running which can make your business easier.

The right business promotion strategy for millennials must be prepared as carefully as possible. The goal is to make them more interested in buying the product or using the services offered. What are the stages of promotion? the following is the explanation:

1. Show a Positive Image on the Brand
Millennials cannot be separated from gadgets and social media. Before they decide to buy a product, they will first find out the image of the brand for consideration. If brand managers can provide a good image that makes potential consumers believe, then automatically the trust and loyalty of the millennial generation will be easily obtained.

2. Involving Influencers Who Are Close to Target Consumers
In deciding to use a product, millennials also consider recommendations from their idols. Engaging an influencer who has many admirers as part of a business promotion strategy is now common.

Of course, influencers will not find it difficult to offer products to their followers. However, the selection of influencers must also be right, which one fits the target market and has a similar character to the brand to be marketed.

3. Don’t Offer Outright
Create advertising content that engages their emotions so that they don’t realize they are watching an ad. Also, make them understand how important and necessary to use or buy the products offered.

4. Aim for Communities, Not Individuals
Currently, a popular promotion strategy used is to target a particular community or social group, such as the animal lover community, sports community, film community, and so on. In this way, the marketing focus will be more direct and of course easy to develop.

5. Apply the Cashless System
The existence of various kinds of online payment systems through devices does make millennials feel practical. Moreover, with the many discount and cashback promos that are offered when using online payment applications, it is certain that they will shop more.

The stages above are a small part of a business promotion strategy that can be used to attract millennial customers. Apart from the above stages, there are many more steps that must be taken, such as market research, brand awareness, and so on.

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