How to Choose a Spinning Fishing Reel

Are you confused about how to choose the best shimano spinning reels? if so, let’s see how to choose the following fishing reel. There are many factors that must be considered when choosing a reel, do not buy the wrong one, and then be disappointed because it does not match your needs and expectations.

Fishing reel material is one of the main factors in choosing a reel. Materials that need to be considered are the body, side plate, main gear, main shaft, ball bearing, rotor, spool, and several other parts as described below.

BODY REEL PANCING The body is the main construction part of the reel. Not infrequently I find that the part of the body that connects to the fishing rod breaks when it is loaded. Apart from wrong drag settings or improper fishing style, choosing a good fishing reel body can minimize unwanted fatal damage. On the reel body, there are various materials available, several brands offer their respective advantages by using their own terms.

BODY REEL METAL The aluminum metal body reel is very strong, aluminum metal material on the body is designed to be ready to withstand large loads. Usually, aluminum body reels are attached to medium-heavy reels, although now many small reels with sizes 1000 and 1500 use aluminum bodies such as Penn battle and Daiwa BG. On the Shimano reel that applies metal bodies such as Saragosa, Twinpower, and Stella. Besides Shimano, the United States manufacturer Penn also uses metal in the body, one of the popular products from Penn that uses metal is the Penn Batlle & Spinvisher. Meanwhile, Daiwa has its flagship product, Daiwa BG. Metal reels are not without drawbacks, and the drawbacks are weight. The 6000 (Shimano standard size) weighs more than 400gr.

BODY REEL CARBON Very light, carbon body reel makes the reel very light. For strength, it is below metal, but carbon fiber reels are usually on reels with small to medium sizes. Shimano carbon reels are on the Stradic CI4 +, Soare CI4 +, and Vanquish. While the Daiwa is in the Ballistic LT type and the series above.