How To Change Car Tires You Need To Know

While driving, suddenly your car tires leak. At the same time, there is no repair shop around you and no one who can help you. Moments like this are certainly very frustrating. And like it or not, you also have to replace the car tires yourself. The ability to change car tires must indeed be a mandatory skill for car drivers. After all, unexpected moments like a leaky tire like this could happen at any time. The rider can indeed reduce this risk by always checking the vehicle every time they drive. But on the other hand, the rider must also be prepared for the unexpected. Therefore, you must prepare cordless impact wrenches for changing tires.

Before changing car tires, there is one thing that needs to be noted. When a car tire leaks or suddenly becomes flat, don’t stop right away. Pay attention to your surroundings first and find a safe place to stop. This is done for the safety of you and other road users. After that, then you can start changing your car tires. Here are some steps to change car tires.

1. Prepare the Equipment Needed
You certainly cannot change tires without proper equipment. After pulling over the vehicle in a safe place and turning on the hazard lights, what needs to be done next is to prepare the necessary tools, starting from the car jack, wheel locks to spare tires. These three pieces of equipment must always be carried and ready in your baggage. And when needed, you can just take it out.

2. Loosen Tire Bolts
To loosen the bolt, first, open the bolt hole cover if there is one. Pry the cover with a screwdriver and turn the bolt counterclockwise. The trick to loosening bolts easily is to loosen the bolts that are opposite each other. Repeat this method until all the bolts are loose. But remember, just loosen it up. At this stage make sure the tire bolts are not loose.

3. Install the Car Jack
Installing the jack has its techniques and tricks, just like how to change the tire itself. In addition to installing the jack near the tire, you wish to replace, make sure to also attach the jack to a sturdy structure. The best point to mount the jack is at the jack point which is marked by the indentation near the wheel. Also, make sure the jack is in an upright position. Next, lift the tire with the jack until the tire is lifted.

4. Open the Tire Bolts
Once the tire is lifted, you can begin to unscrew the tire until it is completely removed. Don’t forget to save the bolts. Remove the tire from its place and place the tire in a safe place. Make sure to put the tire in a sleeping position so that it doesn’t roll.

5. Install the Spare Tire
Take the spare tire and put it in position. Make sure the tires are installed correctly. As for tips for changing car tires, you can insert the tire while shaking it a little. This method will make it easier for you to get the right position. In this way, the energy expended for changing tires is also relatively small.

If the tire is in the correct position, attach the bolts the same way you loosened it. Install the bolts one by one in the opposite way. No need to tighten it tightly. Just plug it in until the bolt feels firm and hard enough.

6. Lower the Jack and Tighten the Bolts
The tires are now installed and the bolts are also in their original position. Next, you can start lowering the jacks. Make sure to lower the jack slowly and carefully. When the tires are on the ground, remove the jacks and tighten the bolts one by one. Fasten using the same technique as before with a cross pattern. At this point, make sure all bolts are tight. If necessary, you can use your feet to be more convincing.

7. Return the Equipment to its Original Place
After the spare tire is installed perfectly, don’t forget to return all the equipment to its original place. Don’t get scattered about the equipment. When the opportunity arises, fix the leaking car tires so that they can be used again. It is very important to always have spare tires so that you are always ready in case your car tires leak again.