Make Your Children Get Used to Reading

Given the many advantages, it is very important for children to start reading books from an early age. What are the benefits of reading fondness for child development? The more you read, the richer the knowledge. However, in order for children to love reading, parents must instill it as early as possible. For starters, you can read storybooks or just learn to read simply and not be pushy. Even though the normal age for a child to be able to read is around the age of 6 years, it can be used to develop reading interest from an early age. Considering that during childhood there was a golden phase of development, reading is one way to stimulate the brain, especially the brain. Why should children learning reading? The following below are the various benefits.

The most rapid growth and development of the brain are when the child is 2 years old because it is still included in the first 1,000 days of your child’s life. It doesn’t stop there, until the age of 5 years, children’s learning abilities are also very fast compared to afterward. Reading provides many benefits for children’s brain development because it stimulates the connections between nerve cells in the brain to deliver information. In addition, reading provides benefits in several aspects such as:

Thinking Ability
Reading makes children able to understand the contents of the story so that it can practice their thinking skills in various situations.

Language skill
Language skills are one of the four aspects of child development. Reading can expand vocabulary and good grammar, so it can build children’s verbal and written communication skills.

Reading storybooks accompanied by pictures and various colors will stimulate the creativity and imagination of children.

Not only vocabulary, but children can also be trained from an early age to recognize the concept of everything around them, for example, colors, letters, numbers, shapes, objects, and so on. Reading is one of the keys to children’s academic success from an early age. When it has been used since childhood until adulthood children will be accustomed to reading both daily and studying for academic purposes. Broader general knowledge, better attention or attention, and concentration are other benefits of reading. Of course, this supports the child in the learning process.